Other SVL Photos

From time to time, we take candid shots of happenings at the club. Sometimes they don’t really work into the rest of the site, so they end up here. Enjoy!

Some fun pictures taken from April 30th, 2004

Wanna Race?

The business car is sitting idle

The old SVL on the new SVL

Next time, we'll use a tripod


Some Pictures from Early 2004

We invited the Cal Central folks to join us for ops.


NCE Visits SVL

Jim Scorse of NCE was in town for the ProtoRail gathering in Spring 2003. Don Fiehman, model railroading electronics pioneer was also on hand to chat.

While he was in town, Jim spent an evening at SVL and got to see how some of his products have been put to use “in the real world.” Jim was rather surprised at the complexity of our control panel wiring, but knew that we had so many engineers in the club that some degree of “over-design” was bound to happen.

Those of us who wanted to solder took the opportunity to make some “enhancements” to our ProCab throttles. Since we had some of the earliest known versions of the ProCab, Jim had suggested a small set of changes and tweaks to improve the battery life by decreasing the brightness of the LCD panel.

We also made Don’s published modifications to the radio circuit and got a chance to play with the brand new half-wave antennae.

Jim explains DCC Marketecture

SVL PCR Mini-Meet

On March 23rd, 2003, SVL hosted an NMRA mini meet.

Lots of fun was had by all. Here are a few pictures of the event.

In addition to the switching contests, SVL members gave clinics on the MegaDrawer staging yard and nifty electronic defect detector.

SVL also hosted two back-to-back operating sessions, which was equivalent to two months of our normal workload!

Ops can be hectic

It wouldn't be a PCR meet without the TimeSaver switching contest. This portable setup has replaced the original setup made by famous modeler John Allen.

Tymesaver (note WYE turnouts)

Woof, Woof, am I worn out...

SVL Tours the Roseville Shops

On July 17th, 2001, some of the SVL members got a behind the scenes tour of the Union Pacific shops in Roseville, California.

A “photo mosaic” of UP #8511 as it rolled by Craig McKown’s digital camera.

UP #1222, an SW1500 (I think) clearly shows its former livery. Given the minimalist update, it doesn’t seem like UP is planning on keeping this engine in active service for a much longer. To the left, another former SP engine (some sort of GP40?) is being scrapped.

Look at all those EMD specifications! Since many engines use common parts, this table helps the maintenance crew match up the repair parts go with the proper locomotives. It is interesting to see how many engines share common parts.

UP #8511 an SD90MAC, has just rolled into the shops for service. Craig snapped this neat 3/4 shot once the engine was stopped over the inspection pit.

A closer look at this engine shows that UP is serious about taking care of their locomotives. As you can clearly see by the black lettering on the cab, this SD90MAC is still under warranty. (I wonder if UP bought the “rustproofing and clear coat” from GM, too?)

a former SP GP40 in sad shape

A wrecked SP unit is being scrapped. Check out that plow! Looks as if it was involved in some sort of low speed collision. (I wonder if this engine was still under warranty, like the shiny new SD90MAC?)

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