SVL is located at 148 E. Virginia Street in San Jose, CA 95112.

Exterior Photo of SVL Building

Note: The building we use for the club has tightened the security. In order to be met at the gate to come into the club give us a call (408) 753-6196, or send a message to Sorry for the inconvenience.

We often have a phone extension and doorbell set out at the pedestrian gate (pictured above) when we are occupying the club. Lift the phone and it will automatically ring on our end. If no response please try the doorbell.

The area is part of a light industrial zone of San Jose, with many twisty streets, so getting to SVL is a little tricky.

We are best reached by taking Interstate 280 towards downtown San Jose.

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Google Map to SVL:

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From points NORTH:

From points SOUTH (and EAST):

When you arrive:

The brick warehouse building we are in has a single entrance door on Virginia street with a small private house located next door on the right.

PLEASE respect the resident's parking.

Please do not park along the wall of the residence that is adjacent to the warehouse's parking lot. Please park in the stalls next to the warehouse. Please only occupy stalls with signage after business hours. Parking on the street is available as well.

NOTE: Do not enter the front door of the warehouse or the house.

Park in the warehouse parking lot located on the right side of the building or out on the street and walk into the parking lot.

From the parking lot, look for a loading ramp going down to the basement on the side of the building. (The entrance to the ramp is located just to the right of truck loading dock door on the side of the building.)

The club is located in the basement of the warehouse along the back wall.

The gate or doors are often closed due to tightened security by the building we use for the club. In order to be met at the gate to come into the club give us a call (408) 753-6196, or send a message to

Once inside, you will need to go straight, and make the second left in order to get to the club's area.

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