Virtual Open House: Remote Operator Tips and Tricks

SVL Track Plan – Lower Level with Open House Loop

Join us for our second Virtual Open House on April 17th, 2021 from 10am – 3pm Pacific Time. Learn more here.

On Saturday, November 14th 2020 we had our first Virtual Open House from 10am – 3pm Pacific Time. You can sign up here.

We will break the day into sessions that should last about 20 minutes each, including 5 minute arrival and orientation, and about 15 minutes run time. Please join the Google Meet 5 minutes before your scheduled departure time, so that we can confirm session participants and start orientation on time.

Remotely controlled trains will run on a loop on the lower level of the layout. See the track plan above for the route trains will take. There are location signs mounted around the layout so that operators know where they are. Most of the signs are mounted under the upper level and are usually clearly visible in the upper half of the camera screen. Some location signs are located near the tracks.

We will have up to four remote controlled trains active on the layout at the same time. Every remote controlled train has a cab-view camera, so operators can see the track in front of the train.

Operators can control speed of their train using a web-based throttle with integrated cab view video window. Touch or click in the vertical box next to the video window to control the speed of your train. Watch the video above for a demonstration.

Some trains will have opposing traffic. There are several locations on the layout where meets might happen, so pay attention to signals and dispatcher instructions.

Watch your speed! Running a train purely on video feedback takes some getting used to. You don’t want to go too fast and cause a derailment, and you don’t want to go too slow and block everyone behind you.

When your run is complete, please make sure to stop your train, and close the browser window with the web-based throttle to disconnect from the layout.

Of course, above all: We hope you enjoy your virtual visit to Silicon Valley Lines and have fun!