Travelers from Across the Atlantic

The great thing about the Bay Area is that we are a melting pot of cultures and interests and our members show this diversity as well. Some of our club members do enjoy running trains from their home country, and as such, bring their trains out from time to time to run on the layout, typically on the weekends or quieter periods.

Saturday was one of those days, and in passing by SVL, we had some German locomotives and wagons roaming around the layout!

June Open House

On Saturday June 8th we held the spring/summer instance of our twice yearly Open House. Trains were kept humming across the lower level loop as guests young and old ran trains, and we had a few people even try their hand at switching cars. Despite all of this action, we managed to not have too much chaos on the tracks!

Check out below for a few pictures from Open House.

Don’t worry if you missed out or your schedule couldn’t accommodate the time. Reach out to us on Facebook and/or via email and we’ll be happy to try and work with you to show you around and let you run a train. At the very least, feel free to come down to one of our monthly Ops sessions!

Modern Operations – May 2019

Last Saturday (6/1) we held our monthly Ops Session. We run Ops on Saturdays every three months, to give us a chance to have a bit more time to operate the layout and railfan at the same time (Hey, we’re train fanatics aficionados too).

We were running our Modern session, which meant that we had a lot of long trains of varying speeds coursing across the layout, including a 30 car hotshot (the Super 77/78), our 23 car Tank Train, the Coast Starlight, plus our regularly scheduled 20+ trains. As you can imagine, our Dispatcher may or may not have ended up with a few extra grey hairs as a result of keeping all of these trains in order, including a 3-way meet in Jacksonville.

At the end of it all, it was successful day – all trains ran, and good times were had by one and all (Though the highlight of our frazzled Dispatcher’s day may have been when he headed home).

Check out the pictures below for some of the highlights of the day from the layout!

Containers leaving Nowheres Yard.
Santa Fe-led “Super 78” waits at a red signal at Kaos Junction for oncoming grain train #268 to pass.
Piggybacked trailers roll through Tracy on the SVL Main Line.
Auto racks pass over the Ravine trestle.
A mix of TOFC and Double Stacks crosses the High Bridge over Ebbetts Pass on its way out of Silicon.
Nowheres Yard is always a busy place, especially during our modern operations session.