Layout Tour

Our layout is a 23′ x 72′ bi-level layout with 4 staging yards and two visible yards to run trains out of. It can be run in the following patterns:
– Point to Point (Typical for an operating session)
– Point to Loop (More common for special trains)
– Separate Loops (Typical for Open Houses)

The main line runs 600 feet from Bayshore yard or Bakersfield staging at the south end to Windsor staging at the north end – during operating sessions a train running from Bayshore to Windsor can take anywhere from 45-60 minutes to complete the run.  Save for the helix and a few other areas, the layout is mostly a single track mainline that runs point to point with passing sidings. Members use either NCE throttles or their phones using Wi-Throttle to operate their trains.  

Refer to the sections below for added details on each portion of the layout:

SVL Southern Division
SVL Northern Division
The Cochias Valley Branch