Nowheres Station Lighting

Many projects have been going on at SVL during our maintenance shutdown. Most are practically invisible on the layout as they are wiring and under layout mechanical fixes, important but not visually stunning.

One project that is visually stunning is the new Nowheres Passenger Station lighting.

The station is lit with LEDs and the photo was shot with a iPhone 13 Pro.

Those Weeds Grow Fast

At Silicon Valley Lines the layout is always changing in some way. Hemet is only a few years old and has come a long way. Silicon is another area under construction, it has had quite a lot going on for a long time but its been lacking the details.

About a year ago Silicon was selected as the group project space and progress has been mainly planning. Progress has been going steady at the north end of Silicon with the Mount Nickols. This has been balanced by the work going on in the south by Ravine.

This stretch of land was Homasote Central and recently started getting some scenery. First the rocks get a test fit.


After that some sculptamold gets added and the rocks set into it. After some paints and washes with some ground foam sprinkled on top the rocks get painted. A dry brushing of a light gray brings out the rocks highlights.


Once everything is dry the next step is static grass, a rather shocking way to charge the scenery up a notch.


Everything can be left to dry or if you short on time you can move onto the next step and add small brush etc.



A hour or two of work goes a long way to making a empty area seem alive. It has some more work but at this point it is presentable.

This post was originally started in February 2020 but then the world changed and the remaining work for this area has been put on hold.